You may be wondering why you are here..

You have been buying Dad*erall (the preworkout for people not looking to workout) from our old website that has been re-routed here. Confusing... We know. BUT just know that everything inside this .com is still the same. Everything on the inside of the tub & stick is also the same flavor packed brain pumping greatness you have come to love.

*DORA is short for DAD.OR.ALL. Hopefully this frees up any confusion. We made it so you can check out below or click the shop link to see everything we have to offer!


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The perfect drink to getting sh*t done. Designed for anyone and anything requiring your focus.

Brain Juice ANYONE can enjoy: Moms & Dads. Dudes. Chicks. Skaters. Gamers. Nerds. Hikers. Golfers. Weekend warriors. 9 - 5 grinders. Working out. Mowing the lawn. Whoever you may be... we got you!

🚀 NOOTROPIC BRAIN BOOSTING FORMULA – Scientifically formulated for optimal performance, at home and the office.

🏆 BOOST MEMORY & REACTION TIMES – studies show ingredients inside Dadorall have been shown to improve mental focus, reaction times, visual acuity, and memory recall.

🔥 FUEL THAT ENERGY WITHOUT CRASHING - Made to help you reach optimal performance without any crashes or jittery side affects.

🧠 IT'S A PRE-WORKOUT WITH NO WORKING OUT REQUIRED – They call it a DADBOD for a reason. Get the boost you like from pre-workouts without negatives side effects such as crashing, itchiness, and uncomfortable warmth.

🦸‍♂️ DA SPECS - 200mg of Caffeine. 0g Sugar. 10 Cals. Ships in 1-2 biz days. Made in USA.


Blue Yum: We need to stand out from the typical Blue Raz, Icy Blue & normal Blue Raspberry because Blue Yum comes with a secret ingredient.

Miami Vice: Perfect if you like Pina Coladas with a splash of strawberry. The beach vacation feeling, even if you are stuck at home.


Sold out


But just on the outside... The good news is the product / formula / flavor and what it does is still the same! You now are just apart of the OG history. It is not everyday a company making $120 billion per year dollars comes knocking on your door...