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"Best Brain Supplement I've Tried!" (60% Off Promo)

Never showed

Product never showed, I reached out and they told me I needed to pay an extra $3 for shipping and now USPS can’t find the shipment. Disaster.

10 pack
Robert Doran

Better than I thought!

Great product

Great product, the first time trying it taste good easy to drink, in like 10mins from drinking it I felt the difference. Focused, not thinking about being tired it wasn’t strong or anything find myself more focus and alert. Which I definitely need since I hardly get sleep and work two full time jobs. I try not drinking it every time, when I do last for a good 4hrs for me. I do want to try more of this product, definitely will be buying more. Thank you

Bad fulfillment and communication.

Good product. I ordered MixTape, I received only Blue Yum. I emailed support about and have yet to hear back. It's a shame because I would order more but I don't trust you guys


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JoDarryl Gone
Great buy

Absolutely love this stuff! Will continue to buy

My kids love them

Shipping was quick and my kids love the flavor of these gummies! So glad to have a gummy my whole family loves and boosting our immune system.

Cydane Powell
Truly amazing

I've tried alot of energy supplements and I gotta say, this one is top notch high grade quality. You feel the difference right away and it lost for 10hrs for me.

For once, an energy drink that tastes good

I suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness and general fatigue, so I am frequently trying products like this. Most of them go in the garbage because they taste like chemicals. The Blue Yum Dad.or.All, though, is a game changer. It's actually yummy and I do notice an energizing effect from it. I wil probably purchase more when I run out.

I haven't received my free samples don't know what's going on

Haven't received my sampled

No Jitters

Just the right amount of caffeine!

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anthony conte
No product arrived

Order never arrived. No response to emails sent earlier this week.

Good taste

Good taste but didn’t give me the boost I was looking for.

Great product

I work in construction an fight mma I'm always skeptical of supplements I've taken hundreds in the last almost 20 years an this one ill for sure be buying month after month

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Tone Hubb
Expected More

I wake up at 4am and I need a kick in the rump!! I thought this would get me going but it did nothing for me,taste is kinda weak also!

Still at the post office

They didn't pay the shipping and out post office is not open while I'm off work so I can't even get it


Do not buy!!! I threw up after the second drink. SCAM!!!! Don’t do it!!!

Best nootropic

This is the best nootropic I have ever tried and I have tried many. No crash and I'm not jittery!

It's a drink and that's it

I tried it and there is no energy rush, there is no kick. Flavors are ok, Colors are good. Mixes really well. Just no "punch" at all. Mountain Dew has more rush than this.

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Nickolis Davis
Still at the post office

Paid for the samples but don't have time to go to the post office and pay more for the shipping

love it so far

drank three of them, all have been so clean!! energy is great

Never got me package!?!

The tracking button in the email didn't work and no one has responded back to me

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Cliff Broderick
Made me sick

I will never recommend this to anyone. Absolutely horrible. I threw up after the second try. I wish I never tried it. Don’t do it!!!!!