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I’ve dabbled with a lot of these types of products, and this was nothing special at all. Weak overall.

Great product

Nice and easy, no jitters and no crash.
It's amazing.

DAD.OR.ALL - Scoops
Chuck Nichols Jr.
Good stuff

Good product, great service. What else can you hope for?

Quality goods

Works like advertised. Great way to start your day

Seems to really work

I’m 4 samples in of the 6 they send, and it really seems to work as advertised. When you drink it, you don’t feel like a buzz or rapid heart like you might with a pre workout or some energy drinks, but my sustained energy through my workout is noticeably better than with pre workout or energy drinks. I actually feel more alert and clearer mentally as well. Once I order a full container, I will probably try it for daily energy on the days when I’m not planning a high intensity workout as well because of the mental clarity I seem to notice.

It works pretty well.

Works well but i need bulk of this stuff at a better price.

Great for focus

I am a father at 3 at the age of 35,my boss recently offered to send me to school as a part of my full time job to advance in the business. I take dad.or.all for my classes to help focus and keep my energy boosted after a low day at work.

Buy it!!

Awesome Supplement, All Cylinders Firing!!

Don’t waste your money

Shipping was 3.99 then at the end of checkout a pop up window asked me if I wanted to pay 4.99 for expedited shipping and skip the line. Well yea I thought I was only paying a dollar more I might as well. No it was an additional 4.99 on top of the 3.99 I already paid and it still took a solid week for the company to get my order out the door. Oh and the product itself isn’t all that great either 👎


Good stuff

Very good!!

I’m a father of 4 girls and this energy drink is prob the best ive had! I will be buying more as soon as I get paid

Not impressed

Although yummy tasting, I don't find any "extra" help in cognitive or other abilities after ingesting this supplement. This will be the only time I purchase it. Thanks!!

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks
Demetrio Montoya
It really works.

Doesn't feel like a stimulant at all. No crash. I use it before I read or I have to do difficult brain activities. Pretty much in place of coffee.

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks
Eliseo Maestas

It's a great boost and alternative to a regular cup of coffee in the morning. I really do prefer DadorAll

DAD.OR.ALL - Scoops
James Wright
Product is great, but was not pleased with subscription service.

I love the product. I've been using it for a couple of months now. It's cheaper than energy drinks and gives me a sense of level-headedness that I don't get from other caffeine products. The only complaint I have is that once you get a membership, there is nowhere on the website to cancel it. I searched for at least an hour.

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Sample 6-PACK FREE
Clarence Hayes

The taste was okay. Couldn't really tell a difference in energy or anything when I took them. I was hoping to replace my energy drinks with this but didn't happen.

Sample 6-PACK FREE
Matthew Reynolds
Way to much caffeine

Heart palpitations

DAD.OR.ALL - Scoops
Stephen DeLeo
No brainer

Love the flavor, love the energy, love the brand.

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks
Chuck Nichols Jr.
Loved em

I was always tired in the mornings, but now I have the energy to last all day!

Sample 6-PACK FREE
Tastes great works well

I’m in between doctors and have been trying to find something to take the edge off my adhd. This does a pretty good job!

For me with how bad my adhd is, it’s not a substitute for the real deal (prescription adhd meds). But it definitely helped and will help hold me over until I can see a doctor.

I gave a sample pack to a neurotypical (non adhd) friend and - he said it was, “a legit limitless pill”

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks
Sidoti Melanie

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks

Sample 6-PACK FREE
Dan Sukala
Dad or All is Awesome!

This stuff is great. Focus, energy, and no crash... just like yall said. i was skeptical but I'm a believer.

Sample 6-PACK FREE
Good Flavors

I enjoyed the flavors and the convenience of adding the sticks to a cold bottle of water, but I didn't feel a noticeable difference in energy or focus. I'll probably buy it again, but not because of any of the nootropics aspects.

Sample 6-PACK FREE
Justin Sensat

This is the first energy supplement I've used that did not increase my heart rate, and it kept me focused and energized through my 10 hour shift at work. I had NO CRASH! Very impressed and will be buying again.