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It's a drink and that's it

I tried it and there is no energy rush, there is no kick. Flavors are ok, Colors are good. Mixes really well. Just no "punch" at all. Mountain Dew has more rush than this.

Still at the post office

Paid for the samples but don't have time to go to the post office and pay more for the shipping

love it so far

drank three of them, all have been so clean!! energy is great

Never got me package!?!

The tracking button in the email didn't work and no one has responded back to me

Sustainability & Coverage
Cliff Broderick
Made me sick

I will never recommend this to anyone. Absolutely horrible. I threw up after the second try. I wish I never tried it. Don’t do it!!!!!

Amazing product

I was extremely skeptical because of the name play, but I have to say that this product is amazing!! Never crashed. It felt like it started to work relatively quick.

Stay prepared!

Nothing like the assurance of knowing you're not going to run out of sweet, sweet clarity before your next shipment. 10/10 would recommend.

Dad Or All

Hi my name's Nolan Poole 8-11-1996 I put in a 72 ounce water container 4 packets in it filled to top but I wrecked my four wheeler a year or two ago not because of this product and my head got hurt but I take .ed's three times ago cause of this swelling and movements of my brain that I feel stuff expanding all over my head and i have strange seizures but I took this my right side of my head felt like it was going to do something bad took this in a 72 ounce water shaker and drank more than half of it slowly and my right side of my head stopped hurting and I feel great that it's going to increase memory focus energy I can't even clean the house so tired I get pains and go paralyzed before sleep hurts real bad and this med depacoat I have to stop taking soon because it's hurting my body I zone out a lot for some reason so mental alertness is very good learning and memory I need memory because I did something stupid it was a duster can and said 36x on it did the whole thing in one day don't know if I went dumb but I was fine I thought I don't know so please I'm ordering this coming October first buying two bottles my doctor won't get me pregnant etc so yeah I need this supplement real bad made even better please made my head feel better instantly really a truly cool thing I had seizures since I was 8 or 9 not sure if this will help with that since increase brain flow as in I don't even know what that means but sounds good to keep buying the product... Let's make product even better not me but you like ask people about other stuff that makes your product even better even though I can't believe how my head feels better that quick thank you I thought I was dying


It delivers a non-jittery energy, but that’s about it. This is nothing like other focus aid medications or substances. I didn’t experience any increased brain activity or function other than staying awake.

Amazing Product

I was very skeptical about this, but decided to give it a try. Man was I not disappointed. Great flavors and fast acting.

DAD.OR.ALL - Scoops
Brian Nelson
This stuff rocks

Tastes good and works well!

great focus

no crash all day focus

Did nothing for me

Noticed nothing

Labor Day Bonanza BUNDLES
Timothy Williams
Good deal; good product

The flavor of the powder is amazing. I like it’s effects and how it affects my exercise times. The immunity gummies are very nice, both in texture and flavor. There is no real way to tell about their effectiveness, however, because that is such a nebulous concept with no rational metric.

Better than The Original Ripped Fuel! (sorry Twinlab)

I've been searching for this since 2004! No crash, no jitters, no itching, just smooth energy, appetite control, focus and more!!! I will never look at a half empty bottle/jar/tub of fat burner/energy supp/pre workout on my shelf again....this is my new stuff, please never stop making it!!! Oh, and it mixes instantly, tastes phenomenal, no aftertaste, no heartburn, just enjoyable and refreshing! Thanks Dad.or.all!!

...and it was in my mailbox in like 2 days!!

Expedited Shipping
Ronnie Gonzales
Paid for it and still waited forever

I paid for expedited shipping, and it still took forever to get delivered. Save your money and get regular shipping.


It honestly surprised me at how clean and long lasting the energy was. This will be my new go to energy fix!


Took months for the order to ship, finally "shipped" and nothing arrived. Now you want a review?.No, thanks.

DAD.OR.ALL - Sticks
Frank Mariani

I love the taste I love how it feels after I drink it No crash

Gotta try it

I really enjoyed this stuff. Flavors good. I wouldn’t never use it as a pre workout. But as like an every drink it’s been fantastic. It gets you woke up quite nicely. It also provides some rather good mental focus but it doesn’t cause that you get from the typical can of energy crashing drink.

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Great stuff

Lots of focus without a crash. Will purchase again

Need more samples

It seemed to help with my energy level but only tried it for 6 days


I have to say I was impressed with the product. I've had lots of "energy drinks", most of which are super sweet, and have tried a few different nootropics, some of which did absolutely nothing but taste bad. The sweetness of this stick was as close to perfect as I've had and I definitely didn't have trouble getting work done.

Love it

A great boost for my day and no crash